I graduated Cum Laude from AKV St. Joost in 2020. This school showed me the amazing world of animation and illustration. I’m very happy and grateful I get to live in this fantastic world now. 


You are what you think

For my graduation project, I wanted to go big or go home. I designed an immersive installation about self-image. 

Our self-image is greatly influenced by how you think other people perceive us. It’s influenced by the people surrounding us. 

In this installation, I will remove you from your environment and place you in a new one. A place where all that matters is you. What do you see when you get to be your own environment?

Let you be influenced by you.



Dutch title: Wat je denkt ben jezelf


The outside of the installation will give you an impression of a swimming pool. The environment of a swimming pool is mostly uncomfortable. The cold and hard tiles, the fear of swimwear and screaming children will take over your mind. 


The building is 380 centimeters wide and 240 centimeters in hight. 


You will enter the uncomfortable swimming pool on your own and find out what’s really inside. Will you still feel uncomfortable? 

You are locked off from all the influences of the outside environment and all you will see and feel is you.

Next to the mirrors in the room, there will play an animation projected around you.

The animation

The animation projected in the installation is supported by the poetic words of Spoken Word Artist Tirsa With.


Because of the constant and fluid connection in the animation I’ll take you through the journey of you and make you wonder; do I see myself?

The installation was meant to take place at several festivals, where I would find my target group: people from the age of 15 to 25.

Unfortunately Covid came along and all the festivals got canceled. You are what you think is still looking for a place to display itself.

Watch the full animation below